hrm_ca_logo_web_0-min Is milestone recognition actually effective?

2 September 2016
Published by: HRM Canada
Is milestone recognition actually effective? It’s a question that can split HR professionals and leave employers wondering which approach is best – but who’s right?

RRN_logo Rideau Welcomes Melissa Sonberg to Board of Directors

30 August 2016
Published by: Rewards Recognition Network
Rideau Recognition Solutions has announced that Melissa Sonberg will join its Board of Directors.

Switch and Shift_0-min Change: 4 Steps to a Positive Experience

8 August 2016
Published by: Switch and Shift
Too often we say, “I don’t like change!” Poor “change” has developed a bad rap for itself. The act of change can either improve us or destroy us; the choice, though, is in our hands. The solution to dealing with it is to learn to respond positively, even to embrace change!

Incentive_logo Top 10 Summer Reflections on Employee Recognition

25 July 2016
Published by: Incentive Magazine
Enjoy sun and shade this summer, but also make time to improve recognition giving. Take in the warm evening breezes and reflect on these pearls of wisdom for making authentic recognition happen. Ponder one thought each day and practice being intentional with these ten summer reflections on employee recognition.

cio-logo-min 5 Easy ways to keep employees engaged in wellness

14 July 2016
Published by: CIO
Employee wellness programs are no longer a novelty, and in many organizations the initial excitement has died down. Corporate wellness experts and HR reps share real-world examples of how to keep staff engaged with simple enhancements and incentives.

training_logo-min Be a people artist at work

23 June 2016
Published by: Training
Excerpt from Chapter 7 of “People Artists: Drawing Out the Best in Others at Work” by David Zinger and Peter W. Hart

Incentive_logo Top 10 Valuable Ways to Lift Your Travel Incentives

New York April 2016
Published by: Incentive magazine

Incentive_logo Wellness Incentive Programs Evolve

New York March 2016
Published by: Incentive Magazine
Organiztions expect results more than ever from their health incentive program

training_logo-min Crossing Bridges to Real Learning

Minneapolis, MN February 2016
Published by: Training Magazine
Cross-disciplinary learning is a lot like that experience of looking through another person’s pair of glasses.

montreal_gazette_logo-min Shift in Quebec labour force puts employees in position of power

Montreal February 2016
Published by: Montreal Gazette
Peter Hart has a simple message for employers!