Social Recognition

Welcome to the new world of employee recognition, where recognition flows freely, quickly, and effectively, connecting employees across the globe. Welcome to Rideau’s Social Recognition platform — The Current.   

Social recognition doesn’t replace traditional recognition programs, it serves as recognition optimization. This non-monetary foundational approach provides a central tool to broadcast employee successes and praise, connects colleagues across geographic boundaries, and provides a convenient trackable history of coaching and employee feedback.

Program Solutions

  • Define Associates and Groups to share with work friends, teams, and committees.
  • Recognize Others Send Instant Recognition to acknowledge positive everyday behaviors.
  • Administrative Reporting tracks social recognition activities and provides critical reporting data.
  • E-Cards send birthday greetings, celebrate employee anniversaries and other employee successes.
  • Posts Status and QuestionsAmplify Manager-to-Employee and Peer-to-Peer recognition by sharing it publicly on the Current Streaming Recognition Newsfeed. 

How do we do it?

  • First class administration and support
  • Robust technology
  • Real time reporting and analysis