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Regaining the Passion to Value Others

Monica Diaz, author of the book, "Otheresteem: Regaining the Passion to Value Others".
Relationships are the basis of employee engagement. Learn how real relationships and real leadership can engage both you and your employees creating a more efficient, productive and dynamic work environment.  More…

Re-Engaging People and Workplaces

Leigh Branham and Mark Hirschfeld co-authors of Re-Engage: How America’s best Places to work inspire extra effort in extraordinary times.
Leigh and Mark will tell how to keep your best people engaged, and relay their recent research findings of companies identified as “Best Places to Work”. Learn the six universal drivers of employee engagement and what gets in the way of leaders valuing employee contributions. More…

Simple Truths of Appreciation

Guest: Barbara Glanz, leadership expert and author of eleven books, including The Simple Truths of Service As Inspired by Johnny the Bagger®
Barbara will share her secrets on how to spread “Contagious Enthusiasm” in the office. Why do leaders forget the power of appreciation? Barbara works with people who want to rediscover the joy in their work and in their lives while acknowledging that we will all face challenges.  Learn how to inspire others to achieve great things and transform the workplace as well as live a better, fuller, more engaged life. More…

Giving Recognition Life through Stories
Guest: Annie Hart, host of the popular Radio 42 show helps individuals and businesses harness the power of change.
Stories are the most powerful and effective form of communication today. Annie believes that stories change the world. Companies that want to engage and motivate their employees and be on the leading edge of change need to tell more stories. The impact of a story is immediate and visceral. Learn to make an impact in your communication and develop instant rapport through the power of a good story.  More…

A Better Workplace Conversation

Guests: Feedback expert
Sonia Di Maulo and business coach Tanveer Naseer.
They will share advice on how to create a better workplace, how to get the most out of your employees while helping to create a positive and productive workplace through the power of communication and feedback. More…

Recognition Lessons from MetLife
Tommy Lee Hayes Brown, the first corporate recognition chairperson for MetLife and theirLead of Multicultural Sales and Service Division.
Tommy Lee shares recognition lessons that drive corporate recognition and employee engagement. Learn how your recognition program looks in comparison.

Recognition’s Secret Sauce

Brenna Garratt, CEO of The Delve Group, Inc. and member of Rideau Recognition Solutions board of directors.
Brenna will be discussing the importance of branding and communication within your recognition program so your program touches your employees and achieves the goals you intend it to. Learn the behind the scenes secrets of great marketing and branding campaigns.   More…

Beyond Performance
Scott Keller, the author of Beyond Performance: How Great Companies Achieve Ultimate Competitive Advantage.
Scott writes a monthly column for HBR.com and regularly hosts CEO, CXO roundtables on leadership and change management. What can mid-level managers do to create positive change in the work environment? Learn the Five Frames of Performance and Health. More…

Emotional Equations
Guest:  Chip Conley, the author of Emotional Equations and the Founder of Joie de Vivre.
Why is understanding our emotions so important and powerful? At the age of 26, Chip Conley started his own hospitality company, Joie de Vivre, guiding the company as CEO for two-dozen years and expanding it into a collection of over 35 award-winning hotels, restaurants and spas – the second largest boutique hotel company in America.   Learn how to create your own emotional equations that focus on what you're becoming, and not what you're getting.  More…

Guest:  Sara Canaday, author of You — According to Them: Uncovering the blind spots that impact your reputation and your career.
As Sara climbed the ladder of corporate America, she repeatedly observed a surprising phenomenon: the most successful people weren't necessarily the ones with the highest IQ or best job skills. Can bad relationships be realigned?  Learn what to do when someone is being condescending. More…

Guest:  Dr. Wayne Brockbank, the co-author of Global HR Competencies: Mastering Competitive Value from the Outside-In.
What are the most important findings in current HR global research? Wayne is the co-author of six books on HR strategy and competencies and a Clinical Professor of Business at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business.  Learn the essential steps for upgrading individual abilities to compete in today’s marketplace. More...

Guest:  Nick Sarillo, the author of A Slice of the Pie and the founder and CEO of Nick’s Pizza & Pub.
How do values guide you through conflict or disagreement? Nick’s Pizza & Pub has margins nearly twice that of the average pizza restaurant and boasts an 80 percent employee retention rate in an industry in which the average annual turnover is over 150 percent. Learn how transparency is good for business.  More...

Lead Innovation with the Brain in Mind

Guest: Dr. Ellen Weber, CEO and President of MITA International Brain Based Center for Renewal in Secondary and Higher Education.
What can neuroscience teach us about workplace behavior? Dr. Weber is an author, lecturer and columnist, and is a global leadership facilitator, who teaches leadership renewal at The Bittner School of Business. Learn how stress impacts our ability to do great work. More…


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