Rideau has obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certification.

This ISO certification demands all operations be governed by explicit, well-defined procedures. Operations must be continuously monitored and meticulously recorded to guarantee consistency and quality in the end-products received by customers.

To complete this certification, Rideau refined their already rigorous system of checks and balances to undoubtedly guarantee the smooth execution and delivery of Rideau's products and services.

Rideau's Continuous Improvement Department has overseen its implementation. The department is in charge of directing the Rideau FLO initiative, Rideau's internal name for continuous improvement. The department has implemented such quality improvement processes such as Kaizen, Kanban, 5S, and Six-Sigma. All employees receive extensive training on these methods which have now become an integral part of the company's corporate culture which ultimately allows Rideau to perfect its recognition programs and recognition technology.