Jennifer Lumba, CRP

CMO & Managing Director of VISTANCE® Analytics & Learning

Jennifer has over 19 years of experience in the recognitionindustry.

She is a well-respected thought leader in theindustry. She has worked with many client-specific Award Programimplementations. She is an RPI Certified Recognition Professional (CRP), amember of the Incentive Management Association (IMA), Advertising Specialty Institute(ASI), Promotions Canada (Promocan), the Society of Human Resource Managers(SHRM) and World of Work

Responsible for the analysis, supervision,coordination and implementation of all corporate marketing and public affairs.Creates new programs and offerings and ensures continued success of existingclient programs. Provides the necessary communication between supply chaininitiatives and field activities. Leads the Market Development of the VistanceAnalytic & Prescriptive Learning Solution. Collaborate with our ChiefAnalytics Officer & Chief Learning Officer to seek out the latestinnovations in Data Science & Online Learning.