Roy brings over 20 years of specialized knowledge and work experience solely in the field of employee recognition. He founded the Recognition Management Institute acquired by Rideau in 2006 (now the Vistance Institute) and is a global employee recognition expert, author, and speaker.Roy is the longest serving member of Recognition Professionals International’s(RPI) Best Practices Awards judging committee.

Roy developed the Recognition Strategy Model® for facilitating a leader driven recognition purpose, philosophy, and plan, for aligning recognition with organizational business strategy. He co-authored the Recognition Skills Assessment® (RSA), an assessment tool developed to determine behavioral strengths of managers in giving effective recognition to employees and is the instructional developer of the Vistance Learning® management development modules for learning recognition behavioral skills which can be prescribed from the RSA.

Roy is the author of Practicing Recognition, Giving the Real Recognition Way, and 101 Ways to Give EVERYDAY Real Recognition. He is also a regular columnist for Incentive Magazine and Training Magazine and is a popular blog writer.

He is a member of Recognition Professionals International (RPI),Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and World at Work associations.