The Gifts of Imperfection: Living Wholeheartedly

On the next episode of Real Recognition Radio Brené Brown, Ph.D., LMSW, author and research professor at the University of Houston, Graduate College of Social Work, will give our listeners the requirements for wholehearted living and explain why these requirements are referred to as gifts of imperfection.
When we live wholeheartedly it opens us up to vulnerability. Dr. Brown is the author of The Gifts of Imperfection: Letting Go of Who We Think We Should Be and Embracing Who We Are and I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn’t): Telling the Truth About Perfectionism, Inadequacy, and Power . Her newest book released in 2011 is Wholehearted: Spiritual Adventures in Falling Apart, Growing Up, and Finding Joy. She is also the author of Connections, a psychoeducational shame resilience curriculum that is being facilitated across the nation by mental health and addiction professionals.
Dr. Brené Brown’s ground-breaking work has been featured on PBS, NPR, and CNN.
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