(MONTREAL, QC, April 28, 2015) Rideau Recognition Solutions announces that Jean-François Grou will join the company’s Board of Directors effective May 1, 2015. As president and chief operating officer of Rideau for the past year, Grou has been a driver of change and strategic planning, spearheading the company’s bold new direction and plans in sales, marketing, technology, operations, finance and human capital. “Jean-François has made a remarkable contribution to Rideau since joining our executive team in January 2014,” said Peter Hart, chief executive officer of Rideau. “He has earned our trust, especially at the strategic level, and is sure to continue playing a key role in the direction of Rideau as we work towards asserting our status as the most trusted partner in employee engagement, recognition and rewards programs.With more than 20 years of experience developing high-performance cultures and teams, Grou has successfully led companies through periods of impressive growth and consolidation, even during challenging economic periods. His contributions have yielded immeasurable growth and opportunity for companies, partnerships, investors and business leaders.
“We’re delighted to welcome Jean-Francois to the board,” said Gord Feeney, Chairman of Rideau’s board of directors. “Jean-Francois has proven his value to the Rideau family as president and COO and I’m sure he’ll have a similar impact through his contributions to the board.”
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