Compliments Are Easy

Good CommunicationLet’s not make excuses for not complimenting people.
I was in a corporate office the other day in downtown Toronto and met this very friendly receptionist who greeted us and directed us to where to hang our coats, locate the washrooms, and then notified our meeting organizer of our arrival.
When leaving my meeting and picking up my coat from the closet I couldn’t help but overhear this wonderful receptionist in action.
Some dear customer was calling the company and had some obvious concerns from the one sided comments from the receptionist.
Her remarks followed along the lines of something like this:
“I understand how you feel. That doesn’t sound right to me either. Do you know who the manager is for your account? Let me see if I can find them for you. I am going to put you through to their line but here is their name and phone number in case you have to call back again. Sorry for this inconvenience. Please call me again if you need any further help.”
I couldn’t help but say to this receptionist, “You handled that customer on the phone very professionally. Well done!”
She smiled and made some self-effacing comment back.
Every day we interact with amazing people doing their jobs. When you observe or hear people doing great things compliment them. Stop and take time to express appreciation and thank them for their contributions.
March 1st is World Compliment Day | #ComplimentDay.
And compliment people no matter what day of the year it is.Q: What do you do to be mindful of others around you so you can compliment people more often?