Excuse Me! That Person Over There Needs Some Recognition

Each of us has good days and bad days at work.
And so do those around us.
Make time to stop and observe and take in all that people are really doing throughout your day. Work can be hard sometimes.
Notice the server at a busy fast food counter and address them by their name on their lapel badge; offering to help a colleague struggling to get a project completed on time; acknowledging a nurse dealing with a challenging patient with dementia where your mother might reside; stopping to commend a flight attendant helping a new mother with a first time flight with their infant.
Who else will stop and express acknowledgment for what they are doing if you are the only one seeing them do it. And even if you aren’t the only one seeing what they do you may be the only one who will stop to say something to them.
On a plane today I saw a professional looking woman take out a file folder and pull out a stack of note cards and begin to handwrite many notes to some people she knows.
But does she know how powerful her actions are to the intended recipients of those cards? Probably. That is probably the motivation that keeps her doing what I saw her do. She has likely received feedback along the way.
So I tapped her on the shoulder and commended her for being one of very few people in the world who still writes thank you notes to people.
After she thanked me for my comment, her response was, “I have so much to be thankful for.”
Be mindful of the people around you who need some recognition. Choose to be a giver of recognition to people.
Q: Do you let praiseworthy actions happen around you without saying anything to people or do you stop and acknowledge them?