Rideau continue its rise to the top of HRO TODAY'S BAKER'S DOZEN list of the top recognition providers in the industry

Rideau continue its rise to the top of HRO TODAY'S BAKER'S DOZEN list of the top recognition providers in the industry

Hart continues, “To be also recognized for being the number one recognition provider in Size of Deals makes me especially proud. Our clients want to be able to scientifically measure the impact of their recognition investment on the organization’s overall performance. To be able to understand how recognition can move the dial on your company’s most important Key Performance Indicators is what makes Rideau more a partner in their employee engagement strategy versus a service vendor.”

Through their magazines, web portals and communications, research, events, and social networks HRO Today continues to offer the broadest reach of the Human Resource industry. Human Resource leaders count on HRO Today’s “Baker’s Dozen” rankings across seven different categories when the time comes to select a quality Human Resource service provider.To decide which employee recognition providers are included on their highly anticipated “Baker’s Dozen” list, HRO Today editors analyzed the responses from recognition providers’ clients in three distinct categories: service breadth, deal sizes, and quality. A predetermined algorithm calculated results for each provider yielding a score and ranking in each category as well as an overall score and ranking.

Hundreds of companies trust and rely on Rideau Recognition’s expertise to help them create more effective workplaces. Among their current client partners are Molson, Liberty Mutual, CA, RBC Financial, TD Bank and Boeing. “At Rideau, we are always working to make sure our client partners are receiving recognition solutions that are tailored to their specific needs.” Hart says. “Whether their needs are centered around employee satisfaction, customer service, or their individual culture we intend to always keep our promise of providing thought leadership, innovative technology, turn-key recognition solutions, predictive analytics and prescriptive leadership development that deliver results year after year.”

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