Rideau Recognition cements its place among top recognition providers on HRO Today’s ‘Baker’s Dozen’ list for the 12th consecutive time

Rideau Recognition cements its place among top recognition providers on HRO Today’s  ‘Baker’s Dozen’ list for the 12th consecutive time

NEW YORK, August 15, 2019 – Rideau Recognition, a division of the Engage2Excel group of companies (E2E Group), announced today its 12th consecutive appearance on HRO Today’s prestigious ‘Baker’s Dozen’ list of top Employee Recognition providers.

“We’ve had a lot of exciting things happen with our business over the past year and at the forefront of the activity was joining E2E Group in April,” says Rideau President, Peter W. Hart. “We make a conscience effort to ‘live what we do’ and continue to provide effective human capital solutions to our client partners.”

Using specific criteria and data, employee recognition executives from various industries were asked to give their feedback on their own recognition providers. To decide which recognition providers would be included on the Baker’s Dozen list, editors analyzed responses from human resource executives in three categories: breadth of service, size of deals, and quality of service. A predetermined algorithm then filtered out results to calculate an overall score.“Rideau’s continual appearance on the Baker’s Dozen reflects our consistent commitment to being a quality recognition provider. Now that we are a part of the E2E Group family, we are able to provide even more offerings like recruitment, research data, and employee survey tools,” says Rideau’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jennifer Lumba. “Rideau has been an industry leader for 108 years. Our age and wisdom may suggest ‘senior citizen’, but our career experience platform reflects millennial-like innovation.”

HRO Today’s Baker’s Dozen lists are considered the ‘go-to’ resource to help Human Resource leaders navigate the competitive provider landscape and count on HRO Today’s non-biased and transparent annual Baker’s Dozen rankings to help select quality Human Resource service providers.Hart says that Rideau’s dozen appearances on the list is not an accident, but rather the culmination of a deliberate focus on the key fundamentals that are important to client partners. “We pay close attention to industry trends and listen to our clients’ needs so we can provide effective HR solutions to improve their work cultures and bottom-line results - without breaking the bank.”

About Rideau Recognition Solutions:

Rideau Recognition, an E2E Group company, leverages its century-plus experience in the recognition industry to reinvent the human capital landscape with a true Return on Recognition. Built upon award-winning, state-of-the-art technology and validated by years of clinical scientific research, Rideau’s new approach to employee recognition is transforming the industry. With the use of its proprietary analytics, Rideau is able to identify real-time opportunities to increase employee engagement, employee retention, and customer satisfaction; and identify the concrete, measurable return on investment that yields lower recognition program costs. Visit for more information.