Real Recognition / Real Leadership

On the next episode of Real Recognition Radio, Roy Saunderson and S. Max Brown will open the doors to recognition and leadership. Listen in as they interview each other to reveal how to achieve Real Recognition and Real Leadership.
S. Max Brown, CRP, Principal, Leadership Directives at Rideau’s Recognition Management Institute, will define the four core attributes leaders must develop to achieve Real Leadership.
Max has made nearly one thousand presentations in locations all around the world. With his extensive experience in leadership training, speaking, and facilitating, Max brings a global perspective to the challenge of providing Real Leadership.
Are you on the “dark-side” of recognition or are you giving Real Recognition?
Roy Saunderson, CRP, is the author of GIVING the Real Recognition Way, 101 Ways to Give EVERYDAY Real Recognition™, and How to FOCUS on Success!  The president and founder of the Recognition Management Institute, Roy will explain how to give your people the recognition uplift they need, in addition you’ll hear how to effectively recognize remote workers.
Listen in this week to Rideau's Real Recognition Radio to discover exactly how you look for and promote success of those around you.