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Dr. Charles Scherbaum, Rideau’s Chief Analytics Officer is speaking at HRO EMEA- November 5th, 2019 2:10pm- 2:40pm.

Leveraging AI in Recognition and Learning Management Platforms to Drive the Career Experience

Although many areas of talent management have made strides toward integrating AI into their processes and platforms, there have been less effort toward leveraging AI with employee recognition and development. This presentation will focus on how AI can be leveraged with employee recognition and development to enhance the career experience of employees and leaders. During this session we will demonstrate a platform that uses AI to enhance employee recognition and development. We will also share the results of the case study of a global financial organization that used this platform to improve the employee recognition and development experience of their workforce and significantly increase their bottom-line results.

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Join Roy Saunderson for this practical webinar on November 13th at 1:00pm ET.

No need to develop a recognition culture. What you really need is one organizational culture to drive your recognition practices and programs.

Take notes as Roy shares Top 10 Ways to Get Culture Driving Recognition at your organization.


Come and attend this webinar with Roy Saunderson on November 27th at 1:00PM.

As a former Speech-Language Pathologist Roy learned the importance of being specific when giving clinical feedback.

Now you can benefit from his knowledge on how the principle of specificity will bring greater value to your recognition and the people you value.

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Engaging Team, Winning Organizations

NOVEMBER 14 - 15, 2019 4:45 – 6:30 pm General Session H

Camp Corral, Golden Corral, and Rideau Recognition Invite You To A Collaborative Painting Session and Reception

Tap into your inner “Monet” and join world-acclaimed artist and Rideau Recognition President, Peter W. Hart, Camp Corral CEO Leigh Longino, and Golden Corral Corporation’s Sr. Vice President of Communication & Strategy, Shelley Wolford, as they share the remarkable story of Camp Corral and invite you to join them in a fun, collaborative painting session and reception all in support of Camp Corral’s summer camp program for the children of wounded, injured, ill, or fallen military families. 

Camp Corral sends over 21,000 children to week-long summer camps across the United States at no cost to their families.  Join us for this fun, interactive, and hands-on reception and community event to hear about the amazing things that can happen when a corporation and a non-profit join forces with a celebrated artist to create a unique, memorable experience for the deserving children of our nation’s military heroes.