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HRO Today’s 2017 Tektonic Award – Best Disruptive Recognition Technology for “Vistance” Human Capital Management Solution

HRO Today’s TekTonic award recognizes innovation and disruption in the world of HR technology. Vistance, Rideau’s patent-pending human capital solution, was recognized for disrupting and changing the way the world thinks of the use of technology with employee recognition programs.
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2017 HRO Today Forum – North American iTalent Winner for “Vistance” Human Capital Management Solution

Each year, HRO Today’s North America Forum encourages companies to submit their latest HR technology to their iTalent competition. The entries are reviewed and the top candidates are invited by HRO Today to present their solutions at the conference to a panel of judges which included past iTalent winners, financial analysts and business owners. The HR solution who most exemplified the support of HR through the use of technology was proclaimed the iTalent winner. Rideau was one of eight finalists and its patent-pending Vistance was declared the top employee recognition solution.
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Peter W. Hart named “Globalist” on Incentive Magazine’s 25 Most Influential People

Peter W. Hart, Rideau Chief Executive Officer, is named on Incentive Magazine’s inaugural list of the 25 most Influential People in the Incentive Industry. The list, which was selected by input from industry leaders, reader feedback and the Incentive editorial team, classifies Peter as a “Globalist” - a nod to his global influence in recognition thought-leadership and Rideau’s impact on a global level.
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Peter W. Hart named as HRO Today’s HR Superstars

Every year, HRO Today’s editorial staff selects a group of HR executives that represents the best in HR leadership to be named to its HR Superstars list. HR Superstars are divided into three categories; providers, practitioners, and advisors/analysts. The final list represents the epitome of HR leadership due to the forward-thinking and innovative approach each winner applies to contemporary HR challenges. Peter is named an HR Superstar in the recognition provider category
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HRO Today Forum/EMEA iTalent Winner for “Vistance” Human Capital Management Solution

“Vistance”, Rideau’s patent-pending human capital management solution was declared the winner of HRO Today Forum, EMEA’s iTalent competition in Edinburgh, Scotland. The iTalent competition is part of the annual HRO Today Forum, EMEA and showcases the newest and most innovative HR solutions from around the world. Rideau Recognition was one of five finalists and its Vistance recognition solution won the top honor. Each year, HRO Today Forum, EMEA encourages companies to submit their HR, recruiting or talent management technology to the competition. The entries are reviewed and the top five candidates are invited to present at the HRO Today Forum, EMEA. Each finalist presents to a panel of industry judges that selects the winner whose technology most exemplifies the support of HR through the use of technology.
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Rideau Recognition Solutions, Inc. climbs to #2 of the Top Recognition Companies of the HRO Today’s Baker’s Dozen List

Employee recognition executives from a wide variety of industries are surveyed yearly to determine the best recognition providers in the industry using specific criteria and data. This is the ninth time Rideau has been listed on the prestigious list as being among the best in providing human capital solutions for its clients. To decide which employee recognition providers are included on their highly anticipated “Baker’s Dozen” list, HRO Today editors analyzed the responses from recognition providers’ clients in three distinct categories: service breadth, deal sizes, and quality. A predetermined algorithm calculated results for each provider yielding a score and ranking in each category as well as an overall score and ranking.
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Rideau Recognition Solutions is Awarded the Eterne Award for its Environmental Contributions

Rideau Recognition Solutions was selected as the recipient of Tree Canada’s 2015-2016 Eterne Award for exemplifying superior environmental citizenship. The Tree Canada award is named “Eterne” to acknowledge the vitality and everlasting nature of trees and forests. It is awarded to companies who consistently show financial support and demonstrate enthusiasm for Tree Canada’s cause, marketing and brand recognition. Since partnering with Tree Canada in 2010, Rideau Recognition Solutions has planted over 100,000 native trees throughout Canada and has made major financial contributions to Tree Canada’s “National Greening Program”. Rideau Recognition Solutions innovated the use of tree planting as a key component in many of its employee recognition programs. Thought we could do something like this to brag about our 9 years of being listed on HRO’s baker’s dozen. We could put all nine of them on the bottom of our home screen or at the top of our awards screen. It’s HRO’s back ground and their Baker’s Dozen award. I added our logo and the year.