Rideau Recognition Launches Vistance Wellness App and Kicks Off Great Corporate Health Challenge

Rideau Recognition Launches Vistance Wellness App  and Kicks Off Great Corporate Health Challenge

MONTREAL, QC, September 18, 2017 - Rideau Recognition announced today that it has launched Vistance Wellness, an application and corporate wellness and health education program that builds team spirit, strengthens corporate culture, and can change the lives of employees for the better. To celebrate the introduction of the new program and encourage trials, Rideau has organized a 30-day Great Corporate Health Challenge that includes a prize for the company earning the highest score.

The challenge, which begins on October 2, is open to any corporation that participates in the Vistance Wellness program. The company with the highest point total will receive $2,500 to donate to the charity of its choice.

“One of the things I enjoy most about Vistance Wellness is the social aspect,” says Rideau CEO Peter W. Hart. “There’s lots of fun to be had during the challenges, and you learn a lot about your co-workers through the pictures and comments they post. I’ve struck up casual conversations with employees about the dogs I’ve see them walk, or the yoga classes they’ve tried. It’s a wonderful way to build deeper connections with colleagues.” Available for both Android and iOS, the Vistance Wellness app offers businesses a dynamic, fun and interactive platform to promote healthy habits and team building with their employees.

The 30-day challenge focuses on preventative health for employees of any fitness level, and utilizes a multi-tiered engagement strategy that includes the latest in mobile technology, gaming, social networking and old-fashioned competition. Employees can track their own progress as well as comment on, and share their successes with their teammates.

The Vistance Wellness app is built around five pillars of health: eat a balanced diet, drink more water, exercise regularly, reduce stress and get enough rest; that almost anyone can incorporate into their daily routine. The pillars are designed to level the playing field by encouraging everyone to work at their own pace, as well as give employees quick credit for working towards their daily goal.

Vistance Wellness has also partnered with top health experts to create concise daily health tips, which are incorporated into the challenge. Participants receive additional points for reading them, another step towards developing and maintaining healthy habits. “We tend to think negatively of habits,” says Michael Moszberg, the creative force behind the wellness app. “But taking conscious steps to improve your health is also a habit, one we should all try to incorporate into our daily lives. It only takes 30 days for the repetition of an action to become a new habit and have a significant impact on health. It’s our experience that health improvements begun with the app continue long after the challenge has ended.”

Rideau, a leader in the recognition space since 1912, is a keen observer of the wellness industry. Its clients express continued interest in easy-to-use wellness solutions for their employees. “Many companies enter the health and wellness arena with the exclusive aim of reducing absenteeism and increasing the bottom line,” says Hart. “Vistance Wellness takes health and wellness further by promoting friendly competition, team building, and social recognition. This leads to greater employee engagement. Add in the opportunity to win $2,500 for a charitable organization important to the company and its employees, and you are creating a wellness motivator on a whole new level.”

Registration for the Great Corporate Health Challenge is now open. Visit: for more information.