• It's Better To Give Than to Receive

    There is one part of the Bible both theologians and scientists agree upon… Acts 20:35: - It’s Better To Give Than Receive. Many have made these words part of their daily lives and now scientists have proven that when you help others, you help i [...]

  • Can a Dose a Day of Employee Recognition Keep The Doctor Away?

    Sound implausible? It did to me before I met Professor Jean-Pierre Brun!Dr. Brun is a professor in the management department of the faculty of Science and Administration at Laval University in Quebec City. He holds a Ph.D. in ergonomics and a M.Sc. i [...]

  • How About Employer Engagement?

      Let me explain…  The word “engagement” in our personal lives is a commitment two people make with each other. It’s a two way street! And I don’t believe a corporation can ever have great employee engagement if there is no real “em [...]

  • What Makes A Recognition Expert?

    All too often I have attended industry conferences and seen many so called "recognition and reward experts."Scratch a bit deeper and the veneer comes off! I don't mean to demean, but there are a lot of people out there who are "reward" experts but th [...]

  • A Little Help From Your Friends

    Couldn't we all use a little help from our friends?The recognition and incentive industry has some super associations that you can use for research and unbiased third validation.Over the next few weeks I'm going to spotlight several.The first organiz [...]