• How To Celebrate Your Amazing Employees During the COVID-19 Crisis

    In a recent recommendations list for dealing with the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis, I mentioned the need to “remember to celebrate” your many new employees working from home. Whether birthdays, career milestones, or going above and beyond, along w [...]

  • Let Your Leaders Know What It’s Like To Be Unrecognized

    Sometimes they just don’t get it, do they?You’ll hear a comment from a leader questioning the import of your wanting to create a recognition strategy. Another leader glosses over the latest engagement survey results and states that 56% percent [...]

  • How To Use “I” Talk Versus “You” Talk in Your Recognition

    Bad things can happen when you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time.Take the scenario of a young man I knew in his twenties making a quick purchase of snack foods and a pop at the local convenience store in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. Anot [...]

  • How To Transfer Recognition Skills Back on the Job

    An area of concern when conducting workshops around learning recognition-giving skills is ensuring learners will apply the learned skills back on the job.Below are my recommendations I use with participants in my learning sessions. Set up your work [...]

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    What impact are your formal recognition programs having on your people and their performance? Are you designing your best-of-the-best and above-and-beyond award programs to make a difference?According to the World at Work 2017 Trends in Employee Reco [...]