• Let Your Leaders Know What It’s Like To Be Unrecognized

    Sometimes they just don’t get it, do they?You’ll hear a comment from a leader questioning the import of your wanting to create a recognition strategy. Another leader glosses over the latest engagement survey results and states that 56% percent [...]

  • How To Use “I” Talk Versus “You” Talk in Your Recognition

    Bad things can happen when you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time.Take the scenario of a young man I knew in his twenties making a quick purchase of snack foods and a pop at the local convenience store in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. Anot [...]

  • How To Transfer Recognition Skills Back on the Job

    An area of concern when conducting workshops around learning recognition-giving skills is ensuring learners will apply the learned skills back on the job.Below are my recommendations I use with participants in my learning sessions. Set up your work [...]

  • How to Increase the Impact of Your Formal Award Programs

    What impact are your formal recognition programs having on your people and their performance? Are you designing your best-of-the-best and above-and-beyond award programs to make a difference?According to the World at Work 2017 Trends in Employee Reco [...]

  • Improving the Quality of Your Formal Award Programs

    Most organizations have a formal award programs that are their pinnacle of excellence for all their employees to aspire to.You might have these kinds of formal programs where you work, too. They’re often called by a prestigious leade [...]