Recognizing behaviors, Values & Performance


Send an e-certificate or e-card that highlights good work.


Recognize your employees actions, behaviors and performance to encourage on-going success.

Points-based systems are excellent tools for those programs that are focused on encouraging behavioral change.

Therefore, for any programs that require high-frequency recognition on an ongoing basis, or from multiple programs, using recognition points as a global, enterprise-wide currency, offers several supporting advantages:

As Recognition Points become the universal reward currency for many of your programs.

Reward Points can be accumulated by the recipient thereby increasing the long-term value to the recipient.

Points can be awarded from various programs thereby increasing the efficiency and consistency of strategy.

Point values can be configured to accommodate various currencies and Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA).

Rideau believes in full transparency. We can support a variety of billing structures including billing upfront for points or billing on redemption. What's important is that Rideau does not employ a Breakage Model. This ensure that you always know what points have not been redeemed so that we work together to ensure employees always get the full value of recognition they have been awarded.